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Luv You Zindagi.. :)

Life is not a word… It’s a complete sentence.

Live It For the Experience.”

A person from childhood to adulthood and till old age thinks what life is and a very simple sentence became complicated. We are confused among what we want, what we have and what we love.

Generally we consider having is love. Then want leftovers with that part of life in which we always stay thirsty.

It’s just simple:

Staying happy is not a rocket science. Just trust yourself and then you will know how to live.

Let’s catch that snap of life when we were young and never thought of result. We were the happiest person and we had best things of our life.

Now ask a question: Was that thing of million dollars? If no then it is clear that happiness doesn’t lie in having everything.

We did what we want and what our heart said.. then why can’t we follow that today?

Just speak loud and tell your life that you love it. Just love your doings, your today and your past. Every single second love yourself.  It’s not hard, right?                           we-are-what-we-think

If we can claim to a person that we will love him/her every time, can’t we love ourselves? If we be internally happy we will be fine in express it externally.

Life is not being right or wrong. It is about live it thoroughly.

Be on your core and moral values.

If you can love and be happy you are the most valuable person of this world. “Be Yourself.” Enjoy your life without comparing to the others.

**You are awesome, feel it. You are free like a bird, fly above the conflicts**Ankita Gupta

** Waiting to be someone else is waste of the person you are**Kurt Cobain