Be Interrogative

Why this topic..?

I was a person who thought a lot, but now I am habitual to make anyone think about any stupid thing if I want.
What is mentality… ?
I know 60% of people don’t dare to satisfy and raise their queries regarding any subject. That’s human psychology. The common ritual we all are practicing are we hardly improvise ourselves to adopt the change alas we are comfortable to adapt along the crowd.
Why do you think a lot?

Whenever we had a question in mind we check the audience or people around

Do you really think that all people around you are Genius? If you think So! You need to question yourself, From who you are afraid off ??? .

A crowd is a place where it’s impossible to distinguish someone, hence an act of instructive poke is better than standing idol with a group of people. The best answer to all my questions I faced in my life is “ Think of the worst which can happen to you “ and whatever would be the outcome will only be better than what you thought

Means no one is superior.

Asking questions will not give you a smash back of stupidity, you will be appreciated because you are sharing your strength and courage of asking the things. And who think that they would be insulted I just want to tell you one thing that you’re a person who mends to make mistake. If you will not ask in a small group you can get back a big insult in public.

Speak and ask whatever is relevant to the current conversation. It will give you importance and you will be an important part of that.  You can create an incredible curiosity among people about you and your thoughts.

My Incident:-

I am not good in general knowledge and I never had any interest to read or learn it. Even I had given Govt. Exams but I was unable to defend it. Due to this I used to run off from the conversation of General knowledge. One day I was with my friends and suddenly talks converted into a heating conversation over current issues. I put my all courage and made myself ready to be a point of laugh. I asked them what are you talking about, I am not getting it. Can anyone please tell me what is it? They all laughed first and some gave me weird expressions. It made me feel bad and nervous but after few seconds everyone gave their best to make me understand what was the scenario behind their discussions. They gave me some tips to cover the knowledge.  After that day I used to be a part of their interesting argues. I always updated myself with the current topics and put my views in front of them. Then I promised myself that I’ll never think what I am asking. If that is relevant and important I’ll ask. It gives me internal satisfaction as well as curiosity to search and make it more interesting.

It is just a simple incident after it I fell into much more similar instances so that I become more courageous and habitual of it. Now I always feel a sigh of relief whenever I quench my thirst of curiosity.


Happy asking, don’t forget It’s now or never. Choice is yours. 🙂 Keep Smiling. 🙂


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21 thoughts on “Be Interrogative

  1. Ur blog do tell me that u have gr8 understanding of human nature.. Eagerly waiting for next post to do nd be better in lyf .. 🙂

  2. The way of writing you blogs is really pretty and exists in real life.
    A truly smile came on my face while reading this. 🙂
    Good work (y) .. waiting for next ……….

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