Yes! It’s About You :)

Hi Friends,

After a lot of inspiration and motivation I finally decide to tell something important to you.

Are you thinking that what am i going to tell you about?

Somehow we are just managing our lives. So my post is here for your Personal
 versus Professional Life.
Like me you are also thinking what is difference between both.. right?
But my dear friends, there is a big difference. 
We work to live a happy LIFE.

Mostly we all do work very desperately and get drowned into it. We call it as our life.I think which is completely not fair and should have to stop being a machine. It’s time to be a human being with bucket list of our dreams.

Definitely it is based on priority , but if you are failing to choose your priority then you need help…

Don’t forget your fun , family , friends and most important YOU.

Your long hours will not distinguish you but your timely work will.

Change is a process, it will positively take time. So let’s start creating a difference from now only. 

  1. Note your time for a week and try to leave at least 5 min early daily then previous day. Not before your working hours certainly :p
  2. If you are corporate associate then this must can help you and it will work as a reminder: 🙂

          Change your password: [email protected]

  1. When you are enjoying your personal time focus solely on you and your family
  2. If you do not have any plans after office then make a new hobby like reading, playing, exercise or just to be alone etc. which increase your attraction towards your life.
  3. If you are workaholic you must need to take vacation at least twice in a quarter. You don’t need to spend money or go far for this, just think about yourself and make your time more productive. It will make you feel more refresh at your work place.
  4. Sharing is caring: Share your ideas, views, plans and involve your friends, families and colleagues. You will get more respect and care for your personal space. Beyond any doubt!!!
  5. Never forget nothing is more precious than you in this world.
  6. Communicate with your family and friends not to disturb you at your work until it’s an emergency and focus completely for your work.
  7. Don’t submit to every request that comes your way if it doesn’t align with your priorities don’t impress yourself by taking on more. Say ‘No’ without hesitation.
  8. Don’t look for excellence. Expect short fall for some time then try harder and achieve better.
  9. Don’t separate your work personally and professionally just choose it according to priority, it will not affect you personally and will help you to be more satisfied. Choose effectively.

**A good employee should know how to do work effectively. Only your personality and work should sound at workplace.**- Ankita Gupta

**No matter what people thinks “Only you are the owner of your own life.” Live it best to the fullest. :)**

Awesome lines:

–>“There is always someone to look after the work left by you, but nobody will look after for your family and you.”

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Keep Smiling and stay healthy every single second of your life 🙂 A healthy mind lives in a healthy body. Don’t stress! keep calm! Stay blessed always! 🙂