Luv You Zindagi.. :)

Life is not a word… It’s a complete sentence.

Live It For the Experience.”

A person from childhood to adulthood and till old age thinks what life is and a very simple sentence became complicated. We are confused among what we want, what we have and what we love.

Generally we consider having is love. Then want leftovers with that part of life in which we always stay thirsty.

It’s just simple:

Staying happy is not a rocket science. Just trust yourself and then you will know how to live.

Let’s catch that snap of life when we were young and never thought of result. We were the happiest person and we had best things of our life.

Now ask a question: Was that thing of million dollars? If no then it is clear that happiness doesn’t lie in having everything.

We did what we want and what our heart said.. then why can’t we follow that today?

Just speak loud and tell your life that you love it. Just love your doings, your today and your past. Every single second love yourself.  It’s not hard, right?                           we-are-what-we-think

If we can claim to a person that we will love him/her every time, can’t we love ourselves? If we be internally happy we will be fine in express it externally.

Life is not being right or wrong. It is about live it thoroughly.

Be on your core and moral values.

If you can love and be happy you are the most valuable person of this world. “Be Yourself.” Enjoy your life without comparing to the others.

**You are awesome, feel it. You are free like a bird, fly above the conflicts**Ankita Gupta

** Waiting to be someone else is waste of the person you are**Kurt Cobain

56 thoughts on “Luv You Zindagi.. :)

  1. Great Great Great!
    Words cant describe. One who will read this will definitely feel Positive!
    Stay blessed Ankita. Really osum!!

  2. Nice Blog loved it.
    Well said Itz not that hard to love ourself, and for this we don’t need anybody else 🙂
    It can be done just smiling for ourself and Also reading SmileStreet.

  3. yeah,
    gud thought..
    n i m very happy with my life….
    bcz i lve myself…
    bt i want to do cmplete my all dremz…n i knw that is very hard…bt no problm i will work hard fr success bcz i want success…n .
    #love u zindgi…
    thnks ankita fr share wid me

  4. Hello…
    I hope my one “Hello” over here is enough for you. No need of any appreciation required Hehe 😉
    Wonderful article dear… very well written and highly motivated.
    “Live life the way you want”
    you wrote well that we all need to love our Zindagi.Its a key of real happiness. i love my zindagi and zindagi of many others too hehe 😛

    Great job… keep it up… keep writing… stsy blessed… All the best (y) 🙂

    • Thanks #varun 🙂 Feeling glad to being appreciated by you. and keep loving your zindagi rather than someone’s else 😛 Keep visiting 🙂

  5. The way we project ourself is the way we depict our life ! No one cares about th bunch ff lessons behind it . It depends on you that you wana suffer or you gona be a surfer who can ride the waves of happiness over the ocean of life…. Love th Zindgi bcause u cannot get it dobaaraa ,Filme to dekhte hi hoge 😀 !
    Kudos to Ankita ! Keep doing th good work.

  6. Your posts make me feel special and stronger. Thanks a lot for spreading your thoughts and making us feel better about ourselves. 🙂

    • #Sahil I feel great for being able to convey positive thoughts. Thanks for appreciating it matters a lot. 🙂 keep smiling 🙂

  7. Live the life the way you want, you will be much happier than depending on others. Love yourself and keep a smile on your face which never leads to a disappointment.

  8. Totally true, just love yourself.. expectations from others leads to disappointment… So just take care of yourself… Luv u zindagi

  9. Loving urself…increases confidence level..which reflects in everything u do. Everyone is unique n shud never try to be someone else. So I agree with u ankita…that being happy n loving urself is d best gift one can give to himself 🙂

  10. Hi Ankita
    good job. I like your thoughts.
    A Successful life is real magic of BIG THOUGHT & DREAMS. As we think accordinly we work, so always try to do your best and give your 100% and when you satisfied with your roll you will feel happy.
    with lot of luv
    vijay bansal hmh

    • Thank you so much.. 🙂 It means a lot to me. I sure will do my best. All I need is your blessings 🙂 Keep smiling and visiting 🙂

  11. I Just Love myself and i am totally agree with you, I Just want to fulfill my dreams nd want to live freely, nd i find happiness in my Love so i Just want to be with him always…………………

  12. Yup!!! Live Ur life in ur way .. What u want…. . N u becme Happiest person in this world… True one …. Today is my birthday n I njoy my life in my way…

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