Smile_Street :)

Everyone is thinking what is Smile Street! Are you? And who am I?

Hi Everyone!

I am Ankita Gupta (#Smile_lover). My friends call me with lots of stupid sweet nick names. As 80% of people are, I am also an Engineer. As all living and earning I am also doing the same. But still I am doing something different. The difference between me and all is I don’t let me forget to smile. Just a small effort to do smile, changes my mood completely. Most of the people are just finding their happiness from different ways but still unable to get it. You know why?Because this small treasure is inside us and we are finding it outside.
So I am here to give you the reason of smile and a street of smiles. Where you can sit and tell yourself:-
I am the happiest person. I have nothing to worry about.”

Keep smiling! And always be on the smile street.


We will walk a mile and will take care of our smiles! 🙂


18 thoughts on “Smile_Street :)

  1. Perfect step in towards writing!
    You proved You can do dis very nicely, now ready for ur future posts!
    Stay smiling bud! ✌️ God bless u!

  2. Hahaha…u know I hate reading but just for u I read all the concept.. Mto tu to writer bn gai
    Keep it up..the whole thng leave a Lil a smile on face..#lv u sista

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